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Born and raised in Washington DC but making his home in Columbus, Kareem Jackson has lived in Ohio since the fall of 2001. Majoring in Communications at the Ohio State University, Kareem graduated with an education and the motivation to open his store Milk Bar in 2007. It was owning his own business right in the Short North where Kareem truly established a solid professional network as well as a true love for the city of Columbus. Customers became close friends and the shop became a Short North staple. After Milk Bar closed its doors in December of 2014, Kareem shifted his focus from dressing the people of Columbus to helping the people of Columbus in the search for their dream home or sell their home at top value. Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect condo downtown ,looking to build a family in the suburbs, or sell your home Kareem has both the heart and hustle to guide you in this fast-growing, charming midwestern city

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Why is the Housing Market Thriving in a Pandemic?

The housing market is continuing to grow during a pandemic, but how? There are a few reasons why. People are using their homes differently now. More people are working from home and not worrying

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Home Values Jump 20% in Three Years!

During these times of economic uncertainty for many homeowners, there is always hope that your property value will continue to rise. Well, if you live here in Columbus, you’re in luck! Between

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Strong Late Summer Housing Market Leads to Double Digit Growth

As the housing market continues to gather strength as the summer ends, we are seeing a double digit growth in home prices in many areas for the first time since 2017. Here are a few stats for you:

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New Property Values in Franklin County are Coming Soon

Franklin County will be providing new Property Values for owners soon. Home and property owners can expect an average of 20% increase in value to their parcels, but they will also have an

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